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Sport England’s approach to Small Grants has changed

Sport England has relaxing a few rules about what they can’t fund, and are trying to make it as simple as possible to apply to their Small Grants programme.

The focus of your application should be what difference your project will make, not what you purchase to make it happen.

They also want to know how many new participants will be involved.

One of the main differences made to this fund, is that it will no longer matter if your project takes more than 12 months to deliver and you can spread your funding over three years, if required. They are also happy to contribute funding to bigger projects.

You can request grants up to £10K for revenue related expenditure and new / additional movable equipment. Sport England may make slightly larger awards in exception circumstance only.

Sport England will also be doing more to support organisations which are able to support inactive people become active

Sport England ‘Community Asset Fund’

You may already be aware that Sport England ‘Inspired Facilities’ fund, which ended last year has been replaced by Sport England ‘Community Asset Fund’, which will be taking applications from the end of this month.

If you have a project that fits the eligibility criteria, we are here to help you. Project sizes vary from £5,000-£150,000 but will receive lots of interest, and clubs will need to recognise that only water tight applications will have a chance of being successful

We support clubs with successful applications to various funding bodies.

Read more on the link below, and we look forward to hearing from you –

Sport England New Funding Dates

Sport England Funding Update

Here are Sport England’s new investment funds and the key dates you need to know


What: In December 2016, SE will announce full details of a £3 million volunteering fund to diversify the range of people who volunteer.

When: The fund will open in the New Year with awards being made in the spring.


Local delivery

What: In December 2016, invite expressions of interest to become one of 10 places that will receive funding to develop and implement local strategies for physical activity and sport.

When: SE will hold a number of working sessions in January and February 2017 to help interested partners develop their ideas, with the first three or four pilots identified by March.

Astros lit up

Tackling inactivity

What: An investment guide on inactivity will be published in December 2016.

The first phase of the Inactivity Fund will open in December, which will focus on projects that help older adults (55+) to get active, with up to £10 million of National Lottery funding available.

When: Expressions of interest will be required by 13 February 2017, with the first set of awards planned for June 2017.


What: First phase of the new Community Asset Fund launched in December 2016, with £7.5 million available.

SE will also publish a wider facilities investment guide.

When: January 2017.

Supporting sport’s core market – major events

What: SE will launch a £2 million fund to help engage a much broader range of people in and around major sporting events.

When: December 2016.

4Grants are here to help your club obtain funding, we can:

Advising you on sports, play and physical activity funding

Supporting your club to write successful funding bids

Supporting groups to write Business Plan, Sports Development Plans

Key Tips to Writing a Comprehensive Funding Bid

Key Tips to Writing a Comprehensive Funding Bid

This can be very time consuming and confusing, 4Grants can do the work for you.  If you do decide to apply by yourself we have listed a few tips below:

  • Clearly demonstrate you meet all of the criteria – only apply if you are eligible
  • Clearly detail the outcomes of your project
  • Demonstrate that the project is additional to a statutory service
  • Ensure you thoroughly evidence the need for the project
  • Ensure your business plan is thorough and covers all aspects of the project, demonstrating that it’s a well planned and managed project
  • In current times, even if you meet the criteria there will be too many bids for the amount of money that a funder can distribute, if a funder has priorities make sure you detail how you meet these in your bid
  • Demonstrate your belief and enthusiasm for the project
  • Make sure that the group writes the bid so that they have ownership of it
  • Have the application form signed by the correct people
  • Ensure that those group members that you put down as contact people are fully knowledable about the bid
  • Ensure the application is sent before the deadline
  • Include all the documents that are required
  • Apply for the amount of funding as detailed in the bid
  • Make sure your accounts are not filed late and are up to date
  • Make sure that you fully complete the form, if the funder asks for the finance information to be written in the bid, don’t ask them to see your attached budget sheet
  • Clearly demonstrate how the money will be spent within the given time constraints of the funder
  • Spend time producing an accurate budget sheet that clearly details all financial aspect of the bid
  • If your projects overall cost is more than the amount being applied for, detail where this money is coming from
  • Make sure you are not applying for anything retrospectively

Phew your done!  Once you have done all of the above your application could still be unsuccessful, we are here to help and assist you along the way.

4Grants provides a no win, no fee service that is used by organisations across the UK, you only pay us if we are successful in obtaining the grant.  Recently one of our clients said “if someone came to you and offered you £10,000 if you gave them £1,000 would you do it?”  It’s a no brainer for most organisations……

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