We are developing areas that we feel would help sports clubs grow and be more sustainable.

During 2022 the ECB is rolling our the requirements for cricket clubs aspiring to obtain the new Clubmark accreditation, these will include the items listed below.

4Grants has introduced a new service where we can help your club develop/write the necessary plans to insure you meet the criteria.

Clubmark Portal – you will need to upload the following which are Mandatory items*

•            Club development plan*

•            Open non-discriminatory constitution*

•            Copy of AGM/EGM minutes when current constitution adopted*

•            Club safeguarding policy statement*

•            Insurance schedule and/or central ECB scheme confirmation*

•            Copy bank statement*

•            Annual accounts*

•            Committee structure chart*

•            Copies of at least 4 committee meeting minutes within the last 12 months*

•            Latest AGM minutes (to be within last 12 months)*

4Grants also offers a number of additional services to help your club/orgaisations, these include developing:

Club development plan

Sports development plan

Sponsorship strategy

Marketing plan

Business plan

Help and guidance on constitutions, safeguarding statements

If you are interested in any of the above don’t hesitate to contact us info@4grants.co.uk