We have been working hard to compile a list of the most popular places to find data, we havent listed them all but list ones that dont need to have subscriptions or ask for payment.

Sport England publish extensive data on participation in sport and physical activity and the provision of facilities. These pages provide a one-stop shop for data published by Sport England and its partners.

4Grants has access to many different data and post code information, please contact us for further details.

The Active Lives Survey

Sport England have been running the Active Lives survey since 2015, when it replaced the Active People Survey, which had been running since 2005. The Active Lives survey provides continuous measurement of the number of people taking part in sport across the nation and in local communities.

Click here to access Active Lives information and resources

You can still access all of the data from the Active People Survey by visiting http://activepeople.sportengland.org/.

Active Lives CYP

Active Lives Children and Young People Survey is a survey of children and young people (5-16 years) administered through schools, which measures levels of participation in sport and physical activity and volunteering. It also includes measures for wellbeing as well as attitudes towards sport and physical activity and the findings are being used to shape future policy and investment in school sport.

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Active Places

Sport England gathers comprehensive data on sporting facilities across the country, enabling communities to understand the existing provision of facilities in their local area, and plan for future development.

Click here for more information on Active Places and to access the Active Places Power interactive tool.

Market Segmentation

Sport England’s market segmentation tool was designed to help understand attitudes to sport, and the sporting characteristics of the population. The tool provides data on the demographic characteristics of local residents in order to gain an understanding of the participation landscape and equip partners to develop successful sporting interventions.

Click here for more information on the Market Segmentation and to access the online tool.

Additional Sport England Research Tools

Tools Directory – Directory of Sport England’s online tools.

Guide to Research – Working with research agency 2CV, Sport England have produced a guide to help make sure you create high quality research that allows you to understand the customers you’re trying to reach.

Small Area Estimates – Sport England combined Active People Survey data with local level population and demographic data to model estimates of sports participation at a micro level. Estimates are published at MSOA level, which are areas with a population of at least 5,000.

Sports Facility Calculator (SFC) – The Sports Facility Calculator is a planning tool to help estimate the amount of demand for key community sports facilities at a local level.

Sport England Mini-Profiles – Sport England’s mini profiles provide a very succinct summary of the most important data regarding sports participation, physical activity, health and economic indicators for every Local Authority in England.

Impact Assessment Tools

Sport England Economic Value of Sport Tool

Sport England’s Economic Value of Sport tool allows local authorities to demonstrate how sport benefits their economy. The tool produces estimates on sports’ contribution to the local economy in the form of business output and jobs plus wider benefits like health.


Sportworks is a system for measuring the impact of sport and physical activity, developed by ‘Sported’. The tool enables users to quantify, in monetary terms, the impact and associated cost savings of sports development activities.

NICE Physical Activity ROI Tool

NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) has developed a return on investment tool to help decision making in physical activity programme planning at local and sub-national levels.

Demographic and Health Data Sources

ONS Neighbourhood Statistics

The Office for National Statistics publishes extensive information on local areas, including census, health and socio-economic data, all available at a local authority level.

PHE Local Health Profiles

Public Health England publish annual local health profiles, designed to help local government and health services make decisions and plans to improve local people’s health and reduce health inequalities.

Youth insight

Sport England Youth Insight Pack

Youth Insight Summary

Sport England Under The Skin