Sports Clubs, Schools, Charities, Community Groups – 4Grants are here to help.

We know from conversations with organisations that pressure on volunteers or reduced staffing has reduced capacity to invest in finding new sources of funding.


You know what you need to do and what you want to do but you just don’t have enough time and volunteers to do it.

Sound familiar? Our service is unlike no other it doesn’t cost you a penny unless we are successful.

Want to bid for grant funding but just don’t have enough time or knowledge to do so?

Got a great project plan but not the capacity, necessary funding skills to get it off the ground?

Wish you could find someone who could just step in and do the work for you freeing your time to get on with delivering your club or service?

Our bid-writing service is just what you need!

With no upfront costs you only pay if we are successful in obtaining the funding. Simply contact us today for further information.