Tuesday 21st January 2020Sport England is investing up to £13.5million of National Lottery funding into secondary schools across England via the Teaching School Alliances and other school partnerships.

Their Secondary Teacher Training programme is designed to provide teachers with access to professional development, and test how pupils’ enjoyment and whole school outcomes can be placed at the heart of PE and school sport.

Over 1,650 secondary schools are already involved in the programme – don’t miss the chance to take advantage of this funding opportunity. Any state school that educates students aged 11-16 years is eligible (independent, primary schools, middle school deemed primary, sixth form or Further Education colleges are not eligible).

All eligible schools will be accepted onto the programme (subject to due diligence checks).

How does it work?

Each TSA/partnership is given free support by an expert consultant over three academic terms to design a bespoke project based on the needs of their staff and pupils, access relevant mentoring and training, deliver interventions in school, and measure the impact of their project.

TSAs/partnerships and their secondary schools can invest this funding according to their priorities.

Sport England encourages projects that:

• Develop pupils’ mental wellbeing, confidence and resilience through PE, school sport and physical activities that prioritise pupil enjoyment.
• Develop pupils’ understanding of the benefits of physical activity and how to live a healthy lifestyle.
• Create opportunities for all pupils – including those who don’t like PE – to try new activities (such as non-traditional sports and fitness classes) so they can discover ways to be physically active that work for them.
• Explore how PE, school sport and physical activity can contribute to or complement core curriculum subjects by finding ways to bring activity into other subjects’ lesson plans.

How to get involved:

Please visit the Sport England website here for more information and details on how to sign up.

The deadline for the next phase of the programme is 5pm, Friday 7 February 2020