How Can I Increase my Chances of Receiving Further Funding?

How can I increase my chances of receiving further funding?

1. Complete monitoring or progress reports fully and in a timely fashion.
One leading funder told me recently that less than 30% of their grantees provide their progress reports on time.

2. Be prepared to go the extra mile.
See getting the money initially as a good start, but work to maintain the relationship, keep your end of the bargain, and look beyond reporting the operational outcomes of your funded work. Communicate how the work contributes to the shared bigger picture/vision that you both have.

3. Be truthful in your feedback, even if things haven’t worked out as well as you’d hoped.
Honesty and a positive commitment to learn from the grant will keep you in a funder’s mind.

4. Make it personal.
If you can, develop a personal relationship with someone in the trust or foundation,
Get in touch well in advance of when you need more funding to find out what their current aims are – don’t just go to them in a crisis.

5. Say thank you.
Acknowledging the support of funders in your own publicity and promotional material is vital.