Grants for Sports Clubs

Ambitious sport clubs across the country are looking to upgrade their facilities and equipment.  Yet funding the improvements is often the biggest challenge. This need not be the case as, increasingly, there are funds available that all organisations can access.

4Grants work with organisations and clubs across the UK, we have the knowledge and experience of funding available for your club.   Our service is unique in that we offer a no win no fee solution, you only pay us if we are successful in getting your club grant funding.  The majority of the clubs we work with use their own funds (From fundraising) to pay our fees and we get this back (often 10 times the amount) in grant funding.  We advise all our clients never to use any of the grants obtained to pay our fees.


We focus our efforts on community and grassroots clubs, not only with the improvement of facilities, but with the purchase of the right equipment to enable the club to grow and develop. 4Grants works across the sporting sector, we are aware of many funds that are not specifically aimed at sport, which your club could be missing out on.

Traditionally, clubs have used a range of methods to raise funds. These have included fundraisers such as:  Dinners, tournaments, parties, social evenings, 6 a sides and sponsorship.

Change and development is never easy, most clubs are run by volunteers that simply don’t have the time, capacity and knowledge to apply for funding.  There is help out there to make sure your club doesn’t get left behind.

If you are looking to upgrade or enhance your club’s facilities and are unsure of the funding streams or opportunities available, contact a member of 4Grants who are always there to help.